• Rogan Josh
    Rogan Josh $16.50

    Tender pieces of lamb prepared with roasted spices in traditional Kashmiri style.

  • Lamb Chettinad
    Lamb Chettinad $16.50

    Lamb cooked in a traditional chettinad recipe with a touch of coconut cream & spices.

  • Kadai Lamb
    Kadai Lamb $16.50

    Tender pieces of lamb cooked with diced onion, capsicum, tomato and whole coriander.

  • Lamb Jalfrezi
    Lamb Jalfrezi $16.50

    Tender pieces of lamb cooked with onion, capsicum, tomato and mixed vegetables.

  • Lamb Dhansak
    Lamb Dhansak $16.50

    Lamb cooked in a spicy savoury mixed lentils.

  • Lamb Bhuna
    Lamb Bhuna $16.50

    Lamb pieces cooked with garlic, ginger, onions and chef’s special spices.

  • Lamb Korma
    Lamb Korma $16.50

    Lamb cooked in onion and cashew nut gravy with cream.

  • Lamb Madras
    Lamb Madras $16.50

    Tender pieces of lamb cooked in spicy south Indian style with coconut cream.

  • Lamb Saagwala
    Lamb Saagwala $16.50

    Lamb pieces cooked in spinach puree with onion tomato gravy.

  • Lamb Vindaloo
    Lamb Vindaloo $16.50

    Diced lamb with potato cooked in vindaloo sauce.

  • Wild Goat Curry
    Wild Goat Curry $18.00

    Wild goat meat in bone slow cooked with home ground spices in traditional north-style.

  • Goat Vindaloo
    Goat Vindaloo $18.00

    Goat meat with bone cooked in vindaloo sauce.